Gmail Favicon Issues

I woke up this morning and was quite disturbed to have a horrible blue cog with a yellow spanner in the middle as my Gmail favicon. From what I can tell the icon is the same icon used in the admin console but I’ve no idea what it’s doing on my Gmail tabs.

Anyway quick fix, in Gmail:

  1. Click the cog drop down and goto “Settings”
  2. Go to labs and search for “Unread”
  3. Enable the “Unread Message Icon”

Here’s the horrible icon I described above.

Gmail Blue Cog Icon

21 thoughts on “Gmail Favicon Issues

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  2. I thought that icons was for some problem that they was experiencing yesterday. Just an icon, to tell the user that they had some trouble.

  3. I had it since last week.. other people in the office didn’t got this, just me :S I thought it was because I logged in Google Apps admin and the favicon got confused..

  4. I e-mailed Google support about this and they said:

    “This is the new favicon for the Google Apps Admin Console. It is definitely nothing to worry about. It is currently being displayed for some users in Gmail as well. This is not intended. This issue is currently being worked on and will be resolved as soon as possible. Please be aware that this is a cosmetic issue and will not affect your email in any way.”

  5. What’s funny about that statement it kind of minimizes the user impact. The favicon matters. It is how you find where your email is amount a barrage of other tabs.

    If you can’t find your email, or it takes even a few seconds longer, it effects use of email greatly.

  6. You seriously need to get a life if you’re “quite disturbed” by a f*cking favicon displaying improperly.

  7. @Boris, firstly it’s an expression of speech and secondly, it is really annoying for someone who’s been used to scanning tabs and picking the Gmail icon for the last few years to all of a sudden I can’t find it with a quick scan.

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  9. Thank you. I thought this was some horrible plugin I had setup, I couldn’t figure out why Gmail would change to such a crappy and ugly icon.

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